28 October 2021

Nöel Coward 'Art & Style' exhibition at The Guildhall – simply delightful darling

There's still time to go and see this marvellous free exhibition (until 23rd December) – but do allow at least a couple of hours because it packs in so much.

Every information board is wonderfully informative, whether about the man himself or the designers who worked with him. And there are some short films to stop and enjoy as you make your way through the rooms. Oh, and furniture, stage props, clothing and artefacts from his homes. 

As I say above; delightful. I will surely be going back for a second look. Possibly even a third.

Note also that the art gallery and roman ampitheatre are also free. And if you need to find out more inforamation about all the things you see, why not spend a few hours in the Guildhall libray. 

Find out more about what's on at The Guildhall complex here.

I mean, what's not to like

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