21 October 2021

Frieze 2021 – a free sculpture trail in Regents Park

There's still a few days to have a wander around, through, on, and across the artworks situated in the south east corner of Reegent's Park adjacent to the formal gardens. Ends 31st October.

On the day I visited the weather was changeable; it had rained that morning and the afternoon was one minute grey and moody, the next minute bright and sunny, but mostly the former, which is evident in these pictures. I will be making an effort to visit again on a bright sunny morning.

Lots of the artworks are interactive and designed to be walked on or through, and many children, and adults too, were making the most of this. It was delightful. Other people were more interested in taking selfies with the sculptures as backdrops. Ooh look at me. I was here, etc. Yet when they afterwards walked over to the information panels to see the titles of the pieces and the artist explanations, many of these snappers simply sneered and moved away quickly, talking loudly about how the art or artist was stupid. And I thought, er, you didn't think that when you were taking a pic of it, you heathen! 

And then there were the people who stood around the periphery taking wide shots, no doubt getting rather fed up with me as I walked up close, looking for alternative views, crops and reflections, having set myself a 'find the unusual angle' task for the day. Once I realised I was effectively photobombing I simply continued in my quest or moved slightly to the left or right as if I hadn't noticed them. Ha ha.

Until 31st October. Closest tube station: Great Portland Street or Regent's Park.

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