1 January 2015

Happy New Year... and a positive resolution

Whoosh!  Is it just me, or did 2014 fly by very quickly indeed?

Happy New Year from some of my favourite ghostsigns
Hovis, Haig, Dunphy, Supper, Brymay, Pring, Dowell's, Harper, Sally, Gillette, Girling and Daren

2014 wasn't that good a year for me for many reasons. And I let myself get irked by too many extraneous things – people on buses, walking blindly out of shops, talking utter rubbish, littering, being rude, insensitive, selfish or self-obsessed etc. Not to mention the phone companies and the banks.
And, as you know if you have read my rants about The Pointy Thing, the Garden Bridge and the Dubaiification of London, I have been becoming very worn down by the huge architectural changes that are happening in London leaving almost no area untouched by an 'iconic' lump of glass.
There are some very rich people with the ability to hold a pen and sign their name who are changing great swathes of London in the sweep of an arm. I don't see the extent of this kind of architectural rape happening in, say, Rome, Madrid or Brussels, and it saddens me.

But I must rise above these ugly towers; I have to stop getting so agitated.
So here is my plan for 2015... 
From now on, I resolve to [try to!] write only about the things that please me. After all, it was the little details that got me started with this blog, and that's what it says on the mast head.
I apologise if a few gripes slip in occasionally, but I will try to make them succinct or witty, or both.

One more thing.... 
People have written to me saying that they are having a problem leaving comments on here. Hence why I get so few.
I have fixed the problem now – please try again – it's nice to know you are out there ;-)

All the best for a positive and prosperous year,


  1. Jane: I shared your comments with my Anglophile friends here in Santa Barbara. We all feel the same as you!

  2. It's a modern malaise. Onward and upward ;-)

  3. happy new year! Love the letter greeting. Hope you can keep finding the positive - but the occasional rant or two is fine (maybe even expected), so don't beat yourself up if a post sneaks in! Nicola

  4. Couldn't agree more, I live in Tottenham Hale and we are set to get a 30+ storey towerblock if they get their way...completely out of keeping with what we have already and what people want. I also despair at what will become of London....

    Look forward to reading your posts in 2015. : )

  5. Thanks Nicola – to stop ranting would just not be me ;-)
    And Jamie... Tott Hale, Finsbury Park, Nine Elms, The Isle Of Dogs and Shoreditch will, in our lifetime, become indistinguishable. Let's keep looking for the hidden gems.
    All the best,

  6. Jane
    You have every right to rant about whats happening in London , particularly as its going to get worse.We have a mayor who is determined to turn London into a theme park to rival Dubai and foreign buyers who have no care about what they do as long as it makes them money. So carry on ranting in 2015 if you want


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