17 June 2014

Something fishy

Last night I spent another great evening at The Underground Cookery School.
Last time I was there we made pasta and casserole; this time we were butchering chicken and filleting sea bass. Some of the other girls were a bit squeamish about dealing with dead, gutted beasts; others managed to pulverise the poor creatures. But I was in my element, sharp knife in hand learning how to slice the flesh cleanly off the fish's spine and remove the little bones. And it tasted lovely too.
Here are some fishy things in and around the streets of London:

And here's a link to an old post about fishing practices.


  1. A great evening. You indeed are a dynamo with a filleting knife, remind me not to pick any fights with you. I could be sliced and diced in seconds. Love the fish and nautical architecture above Lucy x

  2. Ah thanks Lucy... great to meet you... if you ever need a plus one to test all that food, do get in touch ;-)


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