4 November 2013

Up and down the City Road, in and out of The Underground Cookery School

One evening last week I spent a very good evening with a group of other bloggers at The Underground Cookery School.
The School offers a relaxed environment where, led by trained chefs, people can learn new culinary skills. Classes are tailored to suit all skill levels.
There's canapés and prosecco on arrival and a lovely meal at the end, washed down with plenty of wine, so it's also a great idea for private parties, birthdays, hen nights, team-building events, etc.  
On the night I was there we were split into three sub-groups  to learn how to make the three courses we would be eating there later that evening – we made the pasta for Ravioli with Pumkpin, prepared and cooked the meat for the Pheasant Casserole and carefully mixed the ingredients for the Pear Soufflés.
It's made me want a pasta machine of my own. But ooh they are expensive. How much pasta do I need to make to recoup the cost?
The Underground Cookery School is in City Road very close to The Eagle, featured in the famous rhyme (see bottom left). Below are pics I have taken in the vicinity of the school. although some of these features have since changed or been removed.


  1. It was great to have you cooking with us Jane, nice to hear we have inspired you to possibly getting your own paste maker - yes, they are a bit expensive but oh so much fun they bring! We here at The Underground Cookery School do run competitions from now and again on our social media sites, where paste makers are the price, so keep a eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for your chance to win one :)

  2. Jane, if you know of any reader who visits Italy often, then get them to pick you one up there, exactly the same machine at about a third of the price.


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