10 June 2014

Guerilla gardening in North London

The streets of Holloway are again blooming and more lovely pyramids of fiery nasturtiums can be found in Holloway, specifically Mayton Street.
Last year I spotted similar displays in and around the area including a wonderful little Christmas arrangement. 
And in other areas of Islington I have seen little min-gardens with tiny fences around trees. See the six pics on the left side of the montage below.

The other six photos on the right are from further north. Along the path that leads east off Park Road between the Crouch End playing fields there are some tree stumps embedded in the railings and these have been roughly carved. Lovely. Someone should do something similar with these


  1. How about this?


    We can do stuff in W11 too!

  2. Very nice. I love the style. My brother works on that and he sends me pictures. I have to download whatsapp for pc in order to save the pictures on the computer because I want to share it with you.


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