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5 May 2014

The Sunlight Laundry

How on earth had I never seen this before?

Because, dear reader, I don't tend to use this part of Pimlico Road preferring, when heading to Victoria Station, to cut down Ebury Road.
Approaching from the west, the blue tiles caught my eye at first so I stopped to take a few snaps wondering what the original shop might have been.
Well, wonder no more Jane, because on the outside of the shop's eastern wall is a huge metal sign for the Sunlight Laundry alongside the original painted metal downpipe complete with a fancy hopper.
This old launderette comprised one of the part of the ground floor of the block of Peabody's Coleshill flats. The sign and the blue tiles are in excellent condition.
I am assuming the name Sunlight ties in with the lemon soap of the same name which also can be seen on a few faded wall ads in London.
Sunlight has been making soap since 1884 and is now a part of Unliver.

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