13 May 2014

How to make a cup of tea

We are awash with branded coffee shops offering all sorts of different types from skinny latte decaf to double espresso. Yet the staff in these shops, who have managed to master the complexity of the barista machine, seem to lack simple tea-making know-how.
Often I have have purchased a much-needed cuppa only to lift the lid and discover a pale milky concoction with a teabag festering at the bottom; the tea having been made by adding the milk (often way too much of it for my liking) almost immediately after the hot water, therefore making the tea-brewing process redundant. It's barely possible to get more tea flavour out of a bag once the milk has been added. You wouldn't add milk into a teapot, so why put it in the cup?
And for this service they charge at least £1.50. It's so disappointing. And a rip off to boot!
To make tea – add boiling water to tea bag, let it rest/brew or squish the bag a bit, and then add milk if so desired. Satisfyingly simple!

Tea-related things in London


  1. Horrid things, teabags.
    I need a list of affordable places where it's just leaves in the pot.

  2. I have to agree. I've yet to have decent cup of tea on any of trips to the UK.

  3. The only tea available within Olympia exhibition centre is priced at a scorching £2.20 and I discovered yesterday, that although you get to squish your own bag and add your own milk, it tastes awful. No tea flavour at all... I suspect the water isn't fresh because tastes metallic. Yeurch!

  4. That's fab, thanks. These days we get cardboard, plastic or polystyrene cups, even when 'eting in'. Ech!


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