4 February 2014

Tate Modern update

You may have read here before that I am not that keen on the Tate Modern.
I am delighted to share with you The London Column's thoughts on this building, entitled 'Sugary Fun' (AKA Turbine Hall Blues) – I particularly like his phrase "a sort of Battersea Funfair for the Boden Set.

I was going to put together 12 pics as usual, but it seems these are the only ones I have; three taken in May 2010 and a sign offering pens and paper that aren't going anywhere.
It appears I have no pics of the outside of the building at all – just goes to show to that I must just charge in and out of there on a mission. I really thought I'd taken some shots looking up at the chimney, and of patterns in the brick walls, but I must've imagined that, or just thought about it, or took them and deleted them as being the same as everyone else's.

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