18 February 2014

Mosaic musings at the National Gallery

I expect most people think all the interesting arty stuff at the National Gallery is hanging on the walls in the galleries.
But slow down as you climb the stairs in the vestibule (what a great word!) and look below your feet – the landings are covered in the most amazing mosaics created by Boris Anrep in the 1920-30s depicting the labours and pleasures of life.

It's a bizarre range of illustrated topics that features many famous people of the time and Anrep's arty friends in place of muses/mythological characters. These include Winston Churchill, Margot Fonteyn and Greta Garbo.
I am at a loss how some of the images tie up with the words but, that aside, they are fabulous. 
Lucidity, Astronomy, Compromise, Delectation,
Humour, Folly, Dance, Sixth Sense,
Pursuit, Art, Football, Defiance.

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