10 March 2013

Now, this is street art

On a street off Essex Road, Islington, I noticed that a cut down tree has been subtlely transformed into a nature-meets-geometrical-form thingummybob. It's signed TWRJ.I just did a bit of googling and found this video on YouTube about its creation.
Nice. More please.


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  2. Hello! When I walked past it again approx 3 weeks ago it looked like even more paint had been thrown over it... you should go and see for yourself.

  3. TWRJ.... There's a one metre stump in Holloway Rd at the bus stop near Windsor Rd that crying out for you...!

  4. There's a little figure on the top of this now: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=700225136670237&set=a.375106915848729.109043.100000482711461&type=3&theater

  5. Great to meet you last week... I am just putting together that collection of stumps I was telling you about... it will be live on here mid-next week... do have a look!

  6. The paint gives quite a nice marbled impression, though I wonder why they did that. Perhaps to make it easier to see so people don't come a cropper by walking into it in the dark?


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