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7 March 2013

Holloway then and now

This is the first of a series that I will be posting about Holloway Road, my local high street.
In the late Victorian era, in the days of Mr Pooter, the road was lined with beautiful shops. Many ironmongers' shops (where Mr Pooter may have bought the red enamel for his washstand and bath) were packed to the brim and festooned with items for sale. 
Pugh Bros at No. 95-97 clearly illustrates this, offering all kinds of everything. I am not sure which of the two pictures is older – there may only be a year between them but, even so, the signs indicate that it was like a mini B&Q with extras – gas fittings, lanterns, ladders, lamps, tyres, wheels and more. You could even get your bicycle repaired at Pugh's.
Below you can see the huge change today where the building has been subsequently converted to a pub. It was The Wig and Gown, a reference to the court house further along the road, but has since become the The House of Hammerton – the drinking hole for the local brewery.

Then and now (2013)


  1. Oh wow thank you. My daughter just shared this with me. My grandad used to work for Pugh Brothers in the 1950s. Marilyn Clarke (née Diggens)

  2. If you have any further info or pics Marilyn, do share

  3. We have a bagatelle game with a Pugh Brothers label on it. Still in use and great fun!!


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