7 January 2013

Weathervane NEWS

I can't believe I haven't ever put together a montage of London weathervanes on here until now. They have made singular appearances in various posts over the years but never as a specific collection.
Some of them are gorgeous and/or really intricate. And many of them are plain bizarre.
Below are some of my favourites including boats, fish, mythological creatures, a fox and a swan, but no (weather)cocks.  
I have plenty more where these came from. 


  1. Oo, reminds me of one of my first ever Time Out articles. Almost six years ago to the day...blimey:

  2. Nice. And only two the same as within the above montage. I tried to avoid the 'obvious' ones. Though I am confused re the text about the KX lighthouse sitting next to what looks like a pic of the Hudson Bay beaver. Er...?


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