18 January 2013

Brass Monkeys

Blimey, it's taters innit guv.
Shopping in Leather Lane Market earlier this week I didn't envy the stallholders standing outside all day in the biting cold freezing their whatsits off.
London is still blessed with a great choice of markets; farmers, craft, flower, fruit, veg, fish, general, antiques and more. Some are within indoor arcades, some are outdoor and covered, but many are street markets open to the elements.
Some details from along those streets are pictured below.
Top: Walthamstow High St, Exmouth Mkt, North End Road, Strutton Ground
Middle: Portobello Rd, Whitecross St, Chapel Mkt, Leather Lane
Bottom: Broadway Mkt, Berwick St, Whitechapel High St, Lower Marsh

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