14 November 2011

William Morris Gallery at 2 Temple Place

The wonderful William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow is closed whilst renovations and refurbishment take place. However, a lot of the exhibits can be viewed at one of London's hidden architectural gems at 2 Temple Place, owned and managed by The Bulldog Trust.
This exhibition is the first of a series of shows at this lovely building aimed at showcasing the UK's publically-owned art. It runs until 29th January 2012.
The courts, gardens, chambers and alleys of The Inns of Temple are a haven of peace hidden behind Fleet Street's bustle; it sometimes feels if it has been forgotten by time. I love taking friends there who had no idea it was there and seeing the looks on their faces.


  1. And a visit to Temple is even more rewarding if the church is open and you can show friends and visitors the wonderful effigies of the knights and the monuments found within its walls.
    Thanks for telling us about this exhibition. Another good reason to go back to this hidden part of the city.

  2. Yes to all of that!!
    Have you visited Middle Temple Great Hall? It usually closed to the public but was open during Open House weekend... it's wonderful.

  3. Although not as extensive, nearby Lincoln's Inn is also worth a visit!

  4. I did a few years ago. Even though it wasn't on my list of buildings to visit that year, I saw the Open House banner and couldn't resist going in. Wonderful place indeed!

  5. thanks so much for the tip, put it on my blog immediately.


  6. Some material is also on display at the Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow's local museum in the Village.


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