29 November 2011

Devonshire Place

I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen any 'new' bootscrapers for a while; just the same designs repeated over and over. I walk about mentally saying, 'got that one, got that one' (how sad!).
But then I had to go for a super-dooper 3D dental Xray doobrey in Devonshire Place yesterday and spotted lots of lovely bits of ironwork along the street. I am sure there are plenty more – time was of the essence and I only had my Blackberry with me and so couldn't take decent pics and I only walked the stretch from Devonshire Street to Wigmore Street so there must be plenty more to see. I must make a return visit.
Below are my finds which also include a coal hole cover plate with a name I haven't seen before, a pretty doorway mosaic, and a strange wall-mounted hook thing with a hole at one end where something must have been fixed to it at some point– any ideas what this item was used for?


  1. Could it have operated a bell in the servants area below?


  2. That's my theory too. I found something similar in Grosvenor Crescent. Pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/malcnhg/6427906025/in/photostream

  3. It looks like the ones we have the Buckingham Palace, it is to hold doors or gates. Well....at least that is what the ones from the palace are used for.
    Inside the hole goes a hook if I am not wrong.

  4. It doesn't look strong enough to hold a door... I tend to agree with LDNer and Malcolm that it was attached to the bell that rang in the servants area in the basement below

  5. Also, the one in Grosvenor Crescent is mounted on railings in front of the house, nowhere near a door.

    It is close to the gate giving below stairs access to the lower orders, but is in the wrong position to be of any use as a door hook.

    I'm sticking with the bell theory.


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