3 November 2011

New market opens in Soho today

A new market opens at Brewer Street's NCP car park today running every week from Thursday to Saturday from 11am.
On the forecourt and within the first floor you will find stalls selling designer-handmade clothing and accessories, art, food, vintage, fashion and much more.
Amelia Parker will be there on Saturday.
More info about the market here, including how to apply for a stall yourself .
Brewer Street, Soho:


  1. I've just been down to the Brewer Street Fashion Market that opened today in Soho. It's brilliant - definately worth a visit. Highly recommend. Good food, great clothing and accessories.

  2. Is it anything like the Stables over in Camden? Better, worse?

  3. ooh no. The last time I went to Camden it all seemsed so samey. The organisers of this new one want to avoid imported goods so you shouldn't see stuff that's available everywhere else.


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