20 July 2011

The Victoria Line

I recently learned that the Victoria Line's upgrade is now complete and every train on the line is 'new'! According to TFL's blurb, these new trains are "more spacious and have wider aisles, as well as improved customer information, CCTV and better ventilation". Well well.
So what have they done with the old stock? Will we be seeing the carriages looming over Shoreditch as pop-up offices? Or perhaps they can be given to youth groups to practice their tagging skills on?
But don't get too excited just yet... all is not finished, for there will be planned closures on the line for sometime yet, and on most of the other tube lines too... But at least we can rest assured, knowing that when the Olympics begin the whole tube network will be running as smooth as clockwork* ;-)

16 Victoria Line stations:
*a wind-up clock


  1. Looks like London is ready for the big sporting event already.

  2. And joy of joys some genius has started to make "improvements" to the Metropolitan line stock too, replacing it with better trains that will probably break down frequently (like the new Victoria line stock) and has replaced the old comfortable carriages with ridiculous open ones.

    The one underground line you could travel on in comfort made as uncomfortable as all the others.

    I wonder how much the bright sparks who come up with all these ideas are paid and whether they ever actually travel on the underground.

    As for the Olympics all that will happen is that the systems will be there for important people while everyone else is inconvenienced so that they can travel freely. Ready for the big sporting event my arse


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