17 July 2011

Save Wilton's Music Hall

Hidden away down a little alley off Ensign Street in E1 is the wonderful time capsule that is Wilton's Hall – the oldest surviving grand music hall in the world.
Wilton's charming decaying frontage, crumbling interiors and galleried theatre with barleytwist pillars is still in use today for concerts, screenings and plays. The building is also often used as a period location for films and TV dramas. For instance, I spotted it being used in the BBC's recent and brilliant adaptation of "The Crimson Petal and The White" as a drinking den (that particular drama was a real 'identify the London location'-fest!).
But to the point...
Wilton's needs our help. The building is in dire need of maintenance and repairs. Earlier this year, though proving its popularity by managing to raise £25,000 in one week, it lost its bid for £2.3 million worth of Heritage Lottery Funding. Frances Mayhew, Wilton's Artistic Director is quoted as saying, "If every Londoner donated £1, that would be amazing".
I urge you, if you haven't been there already, to go and see this wonderful glimpse into the past. There are plenty of events and plays coming up, plus tours of the building every Monday. See more here. Wiltons's will also be used for some events during the Anthropomorphic Summer Festival which continues until 9th September.
Please help to save this gem... there really is nowhere else like it.

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  1. Wow! I would love to feature this one on my Museum blog it's at mellifshitz.blogspot.com. Will put your link for credits.


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