14 May 2011

Late night museums and a London quiz

Last night five of us blogger types met at the wonderful Hunterian Museum and took part in a quiz about London at organised by M@ at Londonist as part of Museums at Night.
Well, can you bloody believe it? We won!
I am still in shock.
It was nothing to do with me.... Ian and Caroline were our star players. I am blessed to know such knowledgeable people. Tom, Malcolm and I did a lot of agreeing with them whilst nodding our heads sagely. Or we asked them, "really?" or "was it?" or "did he?"... "oh, OK, put that down then. Oh... you have".
Tom tried to draw attention to my jewellery but the Hunterian people weren't too pleased about that! Oops. Sweet of him to try though.
I am embarrassed to admit that I'd never been to the Hunterian Museum before. It's been on my list for ages and probably because it's so central and easy to get to I haven't made the effort and keep putting it off. I did the same with the John Soane's Museum on the opposite side of the square until about 6 years ago. Both are well worth a visit and stuffed full of fabuolusly interesting stuff (stuff?!). And they are free too.
Lincoln's Inn sits within Bloomsbury/Midtown(!)'s Museum Mile... click here for more.
And many of London's major and larger museums are also open late on certain evenings of the week or once every month. See here and here for more info.
I think 13 links is more than enough for one post, so I'll stop now.


  1. I blame the pressure of the occasion, I'm sure that all (well some)of the answers were in there somewhere. A fun evening and a brilliant location. Big thanks to Londonist and the Hunterian.

  2. Yeah... this is apparently a notice board.
    I will delete it


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