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26 April 2011


My sister has a retired racing greyhound. He's an absolute darling. She got him earlier this year from Whittingham Kennels just north of Waltham Abbey. So yesterday we went there for their Easter event along with many other owners of ex-WK dogs. There were stalls, cakes, bric-a-brac and raffles, and prizes were awarded for best dog, best bitch, waggiest tail, best Easter dog bonnet(!) etc.
Missing out on the fun, in the comfy kennels, were the dogs who are waiting to be re-homed, and others that are 'on holiday' so we were encouraged to take one of the un-homed dogs out for a walk in the adjacent fields and woods. I chose the lovely Nina (top left). Had she been entered in the the waggiest tail competition I think she might have won. I was falling in love. I really like dogs, but my lifestyle just doesn't suit one – I like to be spontaneous and I don't have a regular routine. But Freddie comes round a lot these days anyway, so it's like being an auntie!
Greyhounds make fabulous pets – they are so affectionate – if you'd like to give a one a new home, or have time to go and walk one occasionally, then do go and meet them and perhaps you'll fall in love too.
I just remembered that wonderful news item about Red the lurcher at Battersea Dogs Home. Bless him.
Top: Nina, Kensington, 'on holiday', Peckham
Middle: Isle of Dogs, Old Compton St, Frith St, Floyd
Bottom: kennels, Battersea, greyhounds, Upper St.

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  1. They really are lovely dogs and very easy to fall in love with!


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