20 April 2011

Shoes (for want of a better title)

I was recently commenting how women's shoes these days are so varied and OTT, going higher and higher and sillier and siller by the day that to find a pair that is really different yet interesting is hard. So I gave up ages ago and stick mostly with Clarks... well designed, mostly leather and there's a convenient factory outlet shop here in Holloway.
But then I was just sent a link to this guys work... blimey, now that's art!
Top: Acton, Hackney, Kings Cross, Fulham.
Middle: Leytonstone x2, Harlesden, W2.
Bottom: Stamford Hill, Kensington, Hornsey, WC2.

1 comment:

Malcolm Edwards said...

Shoes as shoes, or shoes as art? I think that they'd look more at home in a cabinet than on a foot! Fun though......but Billy Connolly was way ahead of the game with his banana skin wellies 20 plus years ago!