8 October 2010

London River

It's a strange title but this is a film about two people who paths cross when they are both hunting for their missing (adult) children in London after the bombings on 7th July 2005.
I am writing about this now because I forgot to do this earlier in the year when it would have been more relevant, and I just noticed that the film is out on DVD on Monday 11th October.
What I like about this French-made film, apart from the very good performances and slow pacing, is that it isn't littered with silly images of iconic London buildings, but instead centres on the Finsbury Park area, specifically Blackstock Road where the missing people were living.
The pics in the top row show places that pop up in the film, the second row are missing things, and the bottom row is the bottom row.

Top Row: Twelve Pins pub, N4 / The Old Dairy, N8 / Blackstock Road, N4 (x2)
Middle row: Doulton factory, Black Prince Road, SE11 / Star Street, W2 / Upper Street, N1 / Lincoln's Inn, WC2
Bottom row: Russell Square station / London Bridge / Kings Cross / Gt Newport Street, WC2


  1. Thanks for this. I never seem to keep up with films but this one certainly seems worth catching. Inspired to get it on DVD.
    One of my students, Benedetta Ciaccia, died in the Aldgate bomb. She was about to graduate. It was a shock when I saw her listed among the missing. Her employer and the College established a fund in her memory and we award a prize in her name to our top Foundation Degree student each year.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your student. My friend was in the Piccadilly Line carriage behind the one with the bomb in it and was lucky to escape without any major problems. Though it did, of course upset and haunt. her for a long time afterwards. no doubt, it still does.
    I work at the BMA sometimes and often stop to look at the memorial.


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