2 July 2010

Wimbledon 2010

There's a tennis tournament on in south London.
I have actually been watching some of it.
As I write this Andy Murray is taking on Rafael Nadal in the second semi final. I have no opinion on that, but I'd like Tomas Berdych to take the championship title final on Sunday after I saw him beat Federer on Wednesday and then Djokivic earlier today. I might even watch the final. Stranger things have happened.
I still haven't watched any of the football though.
Here's a collection of loosely-themed tennis pics:
Top row: Bethnal Green Road, Holloway, Centrepoint, Praed Sreet
Middle row: Kingsway, Kew, Balcombe Street, Kilburn
Bottom row: Gracechurch Street, Westbourne Grove, Well Court, Chenies Street


  1. I don't watch, but apparently Nadal won. I'm glad - Andy Murray is a miserable arrogant ...... bloke. But it's only a game, who cares. PS I've had a glass or two of wine. Feel free to delete this. See you soon xx
    pps how do you clean Marmite off your mouse?

  2. I love your photographs and a great blog.

  3. Thanks elizabeth

    And Gill... you do make me laugh... is that a euphemism?!


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