19 July 2010

No Segars or Cigars

I recently noticed that this lovely Marshalls Segars sign in Finsbury Park has been filled in and painted white. Such a shame. Why, why why, why WHY?!
I featured it in my 1oth Londonist Urban Sightseeing piece about smoking, entitled 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes'.
Those lovely people at Londonist must think I have left the country as I haven't put together a post for them since Jan 2010... oops. Sorry guys.
Here's what this sign looks like now where you'll also find some pics of the old hand-painted shop sign.


  1. Shame it's gone. It has me wondering if some of these signs should be listed in some way. Some are so old now it would be good to have some protection as pieces of graphic antiquity.

    We at least have your excellent archive.

  2. It is a shame to lose this - it's the only time I've seen 'segars' spelt that way.

    Incidentally, a hundred yards or so further along Seven Sisters Road there's a new double front shop being built/rebuilt behind bright yellow hoarding and last week I noticed that the old shop front, partially revealed, was signed "Marshall" and "Havannah segars" - this must have been the actual shop. I'll try to get a pic, but it's awkwardly positioned, dark and not very legible

  3. ooh, thanks... I'm heading that way later... I'll take my camera... do you mean towards Holloway or Manor House?

  4. Prof,
    I took some photos of the old shop sign earlier today though they could have been better if the weather wasn't so overcast. Click the link in red at the end of the post above to see them.
    Thanks again for telling me about it.

  5. The hand-painted sign for the shop was uncovered a few years ago – it is still, I hope, hidden under Subway's modern back-lit box on Seven Sisters Rd, almost facing Stroud Green Road


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