10 April 2010

This is one of the Best Travel Blogs about London

Well, so says The Travel Onion, and who am I to disagree?!
I was bemused when I got the email about it but am told it's down to giving a different point view of London that travellers might be interested in.
So I checked their site and there I am, one of only five sites listed in the London section the bottom.
Brilliant! Thanks Travel Onion!


  1. Well, with that name they do sound a bit like a joke or is that just me? When I first read your post I thought The Travel Onion was a spoof site similar to theonion.com but focused on travels.

    Oh well congrats on the honour, I guess. And you do have a very interesting site for the off-beat London, no joke!

  2. That is very strange, they've done the same thing with Tom Tired of London. Surely it would take (marginally)less effort for them to just insert a link.

  3. I am from Greece and I much learn about London from Jane London. She has clever way of making pictures and is pretty like english country too.


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