20 March 2010

Are you feeling frisky?

Are you full of the joys of Spring?
Well you should be, because today, 20th March 2010, is the Vernal Equinox which means it's Springtime.
And British Summertime starts next Sunday 28th, which means another hour of daylight. Well, not another one magic'd out of nowhere, but you know what I mean.
So, it's official. Time to come out of hibernation, peel off those layers, and get busy...

Top: Wenlock Arms, N1; Great Titchfiled Street, W1; Seven Sisters Road, N7; Willesden Green station, NW6.
Middle: Newington Green, N16; Harlesden, NW10; Goodge Street, W1; Kew Gardens, TW9.
Bottom: Thames Path, SE16; Great Portland Street, W1; Camden High Street, NW1; Essex Road, N1.

P.S. I was going to call this piece "In the Spring a young man's fancy..." which is part of a line from Alfred Lord Tennyson's Locksley Hall. I hadn't attempted to read the whole thing until just now. It's rather good, but about 20 lines in I noticed that it's rather long... hmmm... I'll read it properly some other time. Suffice to say it's about a soldier remembering a place he knew when he was a child. I have more important things to do, like looking at this or reading my pocket version of the Viz Profanisaurus.


  1. titter, titter, another fantastic theme, thanks Jane! I grew up in the commuter-ville Chalfont & Latimer. Sometimes I felt it was a place where people tried hard to be classy, but there boldy written across the front of the volkswagen garage in big letters was VAG PARTS, it was great (they've since removed, alas).

  2. Great mosaic! And now you DEF should check out that website link I mailed you x

  3. VAG parts – fantastic!!!

    Thanks Gill, please could you remind what that link was, ta x

  4. The extra hour of daylight is nice - would be even better if it stopped bloody raining :-)

  5. Hi Jane,
    Spring is in the air! I hope you had a nice holiday and could sort your electricity problem out quickly. I hope you don't mind my linking to this particular post from the text I posted to accompany the X-Zalia sign.

  6. no complaints at all, Seb.
    And the holiday was great thanks – the electricity was on within half an hour of getting there... phew!


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