13 April 2010

Blowing in the wind

On Saturday I hung my washing out on the line in the garden for the first time this year. Ooh the lovely smell of fresh, clean, air-dried sheets! On Sunday I helped to trim my neighbour's bush, but that's another story and would inspire a different collection of images.
Top row: De Beauvoir, Goldsmith's Row, Northwold Rd, Hornsey Rd.
Middle row: Crouch End, Chamberlayne Road, Coldharbour Lane, St Peters Street.
Bottom row: Kentish Town Road, Harrow Road, Prince of Wales Road, Kingly Street


Michael Donovan said...

This will make me sound like and old fogy, but I cannot help thinking what if some these grafitti people were given canvas and set to work as as proper artists. I am not a fan of destroying others' property, but also, the art doesn't last; it is soon painted over in most cases.

Jane said...

Michael, which image are you referring to? I can only see real graffiti in one image here. The cartoon style on the bottom row is commissioned