10 April 2010

Malcolm McLaren RIP

Malcolm died of cancer on 8th April 2010, aged 64.
As I write this I am listening to 'Waltz Darling' the wonderful album he made in the 80s with the Bootzilla Orchestra. It mixed together all sorts of different musical styles and time signatures. Something's jumping, jumping in my shirt... aah!
I remember a bizarre programme he did for TV over 10 years ago about Oxford Street* and its history which I'd like to see again. His version of Madame Butterfly is genius, though I don't know what this video has got to so with the lyrics. Very 80s!
Like him or loathe him, Malcolm was always coming up with new ideas and shaping a lot of what we now take for granted.

Except for the 2 generic King's Road pics the references should be fairly obvious:
Top row: Museum Street; The Rainbow; St Pancras Church; King's Road.
Middle row: Opera House; coal hole cover; Dog and Duck, Frith St; 100 Club.
Bottom row: Coal hole cover; Bayswater, King's Road; Willesden.

*This reminds me that I still haven't been along Oxford Street with my camera and done a definitive Jane's London version of it... what I need is a day when the shops aren't open... I miss those Sundays when everything except the corner shops was closed. I think we need that day off to recharge. And early closing one night a week too. Now it's all spend spend spend, buy buy buy!


  1. I absolutely adored Waltz Darling when I was younger. I can remember seeing a production of Midsummer Night's Dream where it was the soundtrack. It was on constant repeat in our house.

  2. Don't shops still have to close on Easter Sunday? (Sorry, that's just too late for this year though.)

  3. Forget Easter Sunday. Some of the smaller shops still open and there are always hoards of baffled tourists trying to get into the obviously closed ones. Also, forget Christmas Day, that's just too depressing!

    I'd go for earlyish Sunday morning, before the optimistic shoppers get started.


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