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13 January 2010

Seeing is Believing

Have you seen the latest Specsaver ad to commemorate the company's 25th anniversary? Their ads used to be good. This one featuring a lost sperm one is just plain silly.
Anyway, seeing it (geddit?!) gave me the idea for a small group of pictures on the theme of eyes and opticians.

Shown clockwise from top left: clock, New Kings Road; ripped poster, Covent Garden; opticians sign, Fleet Street; skull face in the peeling paint, Mount Pleasant; spectacles motif, Lower Marsh; plastic doobrey, Holloway Road – lots more found faces here.


  1. Indeed Specsavers have been more inspired in the past. The lovely set of pictures largely compensates for it.
    One for for next set of glasses: the sign with the pig in a suit holding a top hat and a stick from the opticians located in Stoney Street (if I'm right. In any case near the junction of Southwark Street and Borough High Street).
    All the best for 2010,

  2. Thanks Sebastien, and I know the pig you mean!
    All the best to you too!


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