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10 January 2010

All along the rooftops

Today's post is about looking up. Every now and then I spot some really interesting chimneys. Below is a selection of some of the best ones I have seen so far.
Clockwise from Hartleys, Bermondsey: Seven Sisters Road, Lots Road, Walton Street, Holloway Road, Lillie Road, from my back garden, somewhere I can't remember, Arundel Street, Liverpool Street, Brixton Oval, Hoe Street, Walcot Square, Stoke Newington.


  1. LOVE these (everything you do is great!)

  2. LOVE it and the photos! I have been thinking about this very thing myself - people should look up and actually SEE things! I was thinking of doing a similar post...

    I take it you've seen this blog: There's some cool faded signs all over Brixton...

  3. Thanks both of you.
    I do know Yelfy, the site and the man, as we finally met just before Christmas.
    I keep saying that people should look up and around them, but a while back I posted this for the look downers:


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