19 November 2009

On reflection

I popped into the Royal Academy courtyard last week to see the Anish Kapoor sculpture, though I haven't been in to see the full show. Anyway, I took some photos (more here) and it got me thinking about all the lovely shiny reflective stuff that has been around this year such as this year's pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery and that Jeff Koons pink thing that was in St James' Square.
So here's a collection of reflected stuff. Yeah, stuff. And things.
Top row: Anish Kapoor; Rising Sun pub, Tottenham Court Road; Albert Bridge; The George & Vulture pub, EC3
Middle row: Rules, Maiden Lane, WC2; Serpentine Gallery pavilion; Ibex building, Minories, EC3; The Hare & Hounds / Albert & Pearl, Upper Street, N1.
Bottom row: Sunlight in Holloway, N7; Sweetings, Queen Victoria Street, EC4; Piccadilly Arcade, Sw1; boot scraper, Great russell Street, WC1


  1. Anish Kapoor! We were trying to remember his name the other day when we were talking about sculptors, whilst visiting the Nat Portrait Gallery. Like you do.
    Less arty is the fact that the Rising Sun was my local 30 years ago when I worked at Tottenham Court Road. Never noticed the tiles in your photo though.

  2. Gill... I may not have told you this before, but I love you... x... !

  3. Mmmm, shiny things. I think I have some magpie DNA 'cos reflections and shiny things always draw me in!

  4. What a wonderful site! Very original idea... And so much material for it in London... :-)


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