11 November 2009

Best London sunset suggestion – Win a 6 month Time Out subscription

There have been some beautiful sunsets of late; Monet skies, Turner clouds, mundane buildings looking all lovely, reflected in pink and gold. Here are few pics I have been lucky to get whilst on my walks, but being in the right time at the right place usually takes some forward planning.
So, apart from The Westway and any of the Thames Bridges, where would you say is the best place in London to view a good sunset?

Top row: Lupus Point, SE1; view from Tower Bridge; Isle of Dogs; Highgate from Holloway; St Katherine's Dock
2nd row: Turnham Green Station; weathervane SE1; Millennium Bridge; Blackfriars Bridge from Waterloo Bridge; The Strand.


CdL Creative said...

Limehouse reach, on the bend of the river just before you get to Canary Wharf.

Great views back towards the city like this

and also of the sun glinting on the buidlings in Docklands


Anonymous said...

The Queens bedroom at Buckingham palace is good.


vintagerockchick said...

I love the panorama across London from Alexandra Palace - even lovelier at sunset

malcnhg said...

OK, I'll go for the South Bank


Daveograve said...

Kensal Green Cemetery is always a good place for a sunset

suemax said...

Kite Hill Hampstead Heath on a Summer evening


Tom said...

As long as I gaze on waterloo sunset, I am in paradise. *sha la la*

Seriously though, this one got me thinking.

It evokes some great fantasy sunsets: a leaf-kicking wander on Hampstead Heath, the Woolwich Ferry, the top of One Canada Square looking West, but I've never done these.

One of my favourite sunsets was on the Thames Clippers on a still winter's evening slipping away down the river from Embankment to Greenwich. We got there just in time to get to the Yacht at dusk and sit in the window by the river watching the twinkling lights of Canary Wharf.

It was lovely.

tomtiredoflondon [at] gmail [dot] com

Tom said...
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Tom said...

It's not a very good picture, but here it is


Andrew said...

From one tree hill in Greenwich Park, and you get a great view thrown in with the sunset.

mail [at] andy-grant [dot] com

Sharon said...

Whilst cycling around Bushy Park, near Teddington, there have been some colourful sunsets. In addition, there are some great silhouettes created by the trees and the deers's antlers. Sharon. mssmirnoff@hotmail.com

Brian said...

You get a good view out of my office in Clerkenwell, the window by the kitchen, St.James church on the left and the Post Office Tower in the distance!

Sam Roberts said...

Go with the Emirate Stadium.

Anonymous said...

The North Circular coming into Golders Green for a wonderful Winter sunset - especially if it's been raining and the road is shiney.

Cornwalls only Rubber Glove Photographer


Kay said...

Probably sitting in a bar on the South bank looking over the Thames on a summer evening. Or high up in Hampstead. Or even in my little garden in Stokey on a very lovely summer evening.


Nick Rider said...

Leaving aside the obvious, such as 'it's often pretty good from our back window looking towards Alexandra Palace, whadya mean you haven't seen it...', how about –

From a boat on the river in midsummer going west towards the Albert Bridge, after a James Bond moment going past the MI6 building.



wenders said...

On the terrace of the National Theatre with a glass in hand - fantastic view of London Sunset followed by brilliant entertainment (with luck!).

Neil Hitch said...

Reckon from a window seat in Skylon, bottle of their rioja, plate of crab linguine looking across at the light on the buildings opposite reflected in the water. Takes some beating. Even better after the rioja..

CdL Creative said...

I'm rather surprised nobody's mentioned Richmond Hill yet. There's a great view over the river.


Caz said...

Hampstead Heath, just up the hill from the train station there is a lovely patch of grass to sit quietly and enjoy the sunset


mick said...

Westway heading east towards Paddington.First in the rear view mirror, then the huge fractured reflection ahead from those new glasshouses. Soon be home in time to catch the afterglow from my balcony.
Job done


Kent said...

Brewery Rd, N7

woo hoo yes it's true!!


London Plumber said...

St James’ Park by the water is beautiful with sunset behind it, always makes a spectacular viewing. But it’s all down to the right place at the right time as you said!

Plumbers Sheffield said...

St James’ Park by the water is beautiful with sunset behind it, always makes a spectacular viewing. But it’s all down to the right place at the right time as you said!