8 November 2009

Branded metal advertising signs

There are plenty of old advertising signs featuring brand names around London. I suspect a lot of them have been put up for tourists' amusement or to make a place look old and interesting; I especially wonder if those ones in Gabriel's Wharf have been put there just for effect.
But there are others around in hard to reach places that look like they have been there for decades. I am still kicking myself that I did not help myself to the old Michelin and Pirelli signs on a tyre shop that closed around the corner from here earlier this year. D'uh!
In areas like Camden and Portobello you can buy facsimiles of some of the old classics in the shops and markets.
Whilst looking through the fab stuff available on Urban Remade I found this modern equivalent which Peter Blake has designed featuring his logo heart. Affix it to your wall and watch it age gracefully.
Palethorpe's Sausages and Pears Soap, Highgate; Craven 'A', Camden; Liptons, Martini and R Whites, Good Year, Kensal Green; Esso Blue, Finsbury Park; Coca Cola, Drayton Park; Ogden's Guinea Gold, Homerton; The Sailor's Society, Limehouse.


  1. Another great collection and yes, you should have nicked those signs!

  2. As with ghostsigns these old enamel advertisements have had a phrase coined for them, 'street jewellery' and there is a society dedicated to them who have also published a book.

  3. Thanks Sam, you a mine of knowledge as ever, but that site's really hard to read... the blue background is painful to the eye... ouch! And it hasn't been updated since March 2007.


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