19 April 2009


April 23rd is St Georges Day so my latest post for Londonist is on the theme of dragons.
Here is a montage of some of the pics I have used:
Top: Smithfield, EC1; West End Lane, NW6; Caledonian Park, N7.
Middle: Earls Court Road, SW5; Strand, WC2, Smithfield, EC1; Upper Clapton, E5.
Bottom: Cleveland Street, W1; Inglewood Road, NW6; St James', Bermondsey, SE16.
My previous Urban Sightseeing articles on subjects such at chemists, pawnbrokers, gasometers and foreign travel are listed at the bottom of the above link, or click here


  1. I knew a Dragon in Eastbourne who had a lovely Daughter called Jane.
    Yeah, I lost.........

    Cool Blog

    Do Eastbourne sometime, would like to go down good memory lane

  2. Great blog - particularly like this post as I love the dragon imagery around London. Have always had a fondness for the gold weather vane on the church in the city. Have just started my own London blog actually - check it out! http://londonrobstuff.blogspot.com/

  3. Londonrob... great blog... nice to see someone as fussy about their coffee as I am. I have almost given up buying coffee when I am out as I am constantly being disappointed and having to send back cups of thin flavoured water masquerading as Americano. Seems only in Italy can they get this right. I now order double espressos with hot water on the side so that I can get it right!


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