2 March 2018

Oh the weater outside is frightful...

...but inside it's so delightful.
I love that song.
But I don't want to let it snow let it snow let it snow because this weather is stopping people from bookings my walking tours. Me me me!
Yes, poor me – I have had to cancel the four walks that were scheduled for this weekend because it's so damn slippery out there and I'm today organising refunds or exchanges for other walks.

So while I've no place to go I bring you a collection of twelve White locations or white things in London – can you identify where they photos were taken?
Note that half of these don't exist as shown here any longer – I doubt anyone will recognise the weathered gate on the bottom row, so I will identify that one now; Whitehall Park, N19.

1 comment:

  1. I've done remarkably badly, with three or possibly four. Without identifying which pic they refer to, just in case someone else wants to have a go, I have
    Whitechapel Rd
    Floral St
    ...and presumably Whitechapel again, although the tiles suggest I may be wrong!


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