13 December 2016

Beans Express Carriers Ghostsign on City Road

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How long have I been walking and bussing past this and not noticed it?! I only spotted it in November when hunting for signs to use for my Angel Islington card. Has it been covered up or has it been there hidden in plain sight all this time?

I doubt the wording "BEANS EXPRESS CARRIERS" is about beans in the green or baked sense; perhaps this was a company called Beans who were offering an efficient courier/delivery service.
Look closely and see that EXPRESS is written twice here hinting that the sign has been repainted at least once. Also the smaller EXPRESS wording and CARRIERS are rendered in a different style to the larger BEANS EXPRESS; thay have drop shadows on a darker panel which may suggest that this part of the sign is a later addition, perhaps for a different company whose name has faded away over time.
Any further ideas and feedback welcome.
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  1. Looks like Beans Express Carriers to me. The SS diagonals are hinted.

  2. Thanks Ann.
    Yes, of course! How did I not see that?
    A friend also suggested the same.
    I have amended the copy in the above post and its heading accordingly.


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