30 December 2016

A ghostsign above The Old Dairy

Here we go again... how come I have only recently been spotting ghostsigns that must have been there for decades?!
Considering I usually stop to admire the Old Dairy building, you think I would have noticed before last month that there is a faded sign above it to the right on Crouch Hill (originally part of Stroud Green Road).

The big name at the top looks to end in ROW and the word AGENTS is evident.
As usual, any ideas and information always welcome


  1. One round the corner in Hanley Rd too:

  2. Yes. I think I have written about that one a few times such as when the bottom part was graffiti'd and then scrubbed at.
    It's just that I never noticed the other one til a couple of months ago cos it's not so obvious.


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