27 May 2016

Kiosks and shops on London Underground platforms

Updated – see italics and pic below it

St James's Park station sits directly underneath 55 Broadway (see last post below).
Coming home on Monday evening at about 7.30pm I noticed the old newspaper and confectionery kiosk the westbound platform was padlocked shut.
I don't use this station often – is it permanently closed? Are these kiosks a thing of the past?

I remember with fondness the one on Liverpool Street clockwise/eastbound platform and another on the westbound platform of Sloane Square both of which were still open and trading in the 1980s. But I never thought to photograph them then and I can't find any pics on the internet now.
Does anyone know of other kiosks still open and trading on the underground network, specifically under the ground on platforms, rather than in the open air? Pics please!
Here is High Street Kensington circa 1898 and in 1936 – there are many more lovely pics on The LT museum site, but their search engine is painful to say the least because it won't let you put multiple words in the box. Grrr!

Aha!  Look what I noticed last month – there is still a functioning kiosk at Sloane Square!!!


  1. Nice try at making your comment relevant Alfaj, but it's fairly obvious that you are using this space as an advertisement board. Therefore your comment will be deleted and all future ones blocked.

  2. After decades of decline in retail at platform level, almost to the point of disappearance, spied brand new Costa being fitted out at Westminster earlier in the week ... have picture if at all interested? ... (Ps. in no way intended as advert!) ...

  3. Hello Jacko. This is great but how come the Costa brand has the monopoly on all public spaces theses day? And within universities too?
    Wouldn't it be nice to have independents running these outlets? Alas, I think I leave in a dreamworld!

  4. Why is Costa so popular? Their roasts are poor in flavour but I suppose the way most uf us drown the taste with sweetened milf or substitute lets them off making a decent esspresso :-(


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