4 February 2016

Art In The City, St Mary Axe and The Gherkin

Last weekend I finally found time to go and see [most of] the art installations in and around The Gherkin At St Mary Axe.

Ai Weiwei's bicycle rack and Damien Hirst's donation's box
Tomoaki Suzuki's little people and Keita Miyazaki's car parts.
I was also interested by other things that were not part of the trail; a sobbing woman near the air filters and a drain full of fag ends in Lime Street.
Near the Hirst piece a bollard made from a cannon can be found.

Every time I visit the Gherkin, love it as I do, after all, it may be the only truly beautiful and beautifully designed glass structure made in the past twenty years, I am always distracted by the rhythmic solidarity of Holland House across the road in Bury Street.
But I will save that for another day...


  1. there were some good ones this year. i covered them here: http://jenikya.com/blog/2016/01/londons-sculpture-in-the-city-.html

  2. Thanks for the link... I didn't take many photos that day as only had my iPhone on me and it was running out of juice ;-)

  3. Lydia... this is not a noticeboard for your ad – your irrelevant comment has been permanently removed


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