5 August 2014

The Rising Sun

Continuing on from my recent post about the emporiums of Tottenham Court Road, there is another building also covered in amazing reliefs and decorations, and that's the Rising Sun public house on the corner of Windmill Street, a street so-named because there used to be a windmill in the street.
Originally a Truman's pub, this fabulous example of Art Nouveau Gothic was designed in 1897 by Treadwell & Martin architects, which can be seen stamped onto the building between the first and second floors. The upper floors are painted stucco and the ground floor still has its original larvikite cladding.
Also note the beautiful floor mosaic at the entrance, which is one of my favourites of its type in London.


  1. What a lovely building, I have been in there several times in the dim and distant past and not noticed all the detail on the exterior. Windmill Street was also the centre of anarchist activity in the 1890s.

  2. Very familiar with the outside but a complete stranger to the inside. Need to rectify that sometime soon!

    1. Its recently had a sparkle inside.

  3. Runner... yes I skipped the bit about the anarchists... bless em.
    Malcolm... the interior isn't worth getting excited about... fairly ordinary these days... go to the Grafton instead!

  4. Lovely images and good educational information behind the images. I have walked past the building a number of times and never tried to go in. I will be doing that with my Kids during the next half term.


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