15 July 2013

Whitecross Street Party

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July.
Two days of creative stuff – art, music, stalls, entertainment, plus lots of lovely food and drink. I will be trading there on the Saturday.
It'll be like the last three years, but a bit different. See these pics from last year' and more info here (check out some corking spelling mistakes in the 'About' paragraph, including two within a four-word sentence: "Now in it's forth year". Also "creative's" and "en mass". All very non-conformist!)

Whitecross Street has been a market street for centuries, though in the past few years the regular street market had been fading/diminishing, much in the same way as other similar markets in Leather Lane, Strutton Ground, The Cut, Chalton Street and even Hoxton and Chapel Street Markets. There has been a big drive all of these areas to get shoppers back onto the streets by introducing Farmers' or craft market days. Whitecross Street has been doing reasonably well of late with its variety of food stalls. My only problem when buying yummy hot street food from there is where am I supposed to sit and eat it if I don't have a desk to scuttle back to? There is no park or street furniture in the vicinity.
The top row of the set of images below is how Whitecross Street looked a year ago, including a shot of a whitewashed building where some lettering can be seen seeping through the paint. This includes a pre-war telephone number, Clerkenwell 4716. I expect that by now this whole terrace has been demolished.
The other two rows show a few interesting details on the nearby streets.

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