8 August 2011

Gutted in Tottenham

The streets of North London were witness to some awful scenes this weekend when a peaceful protest turned nasty. Angry disenfranchised people rioted; setting fire to and looting shops all in the name of 'justice'.
I can never understand how 'pissing in your own back yard' helps anything. Shop owners and businesses along High Road, Tottenham, should not have to pay the price for this. Areas of what was once a beautiful Edwardian high street have been reduced to burnt out shells. They are gutted. I am gutted. And not just for the buildings.
Then last night, Tottenham Hale retail park was targeted and people caused damaged and stole goods there too. I am not sure if they stole food or electrical goods...
What a horrible coincidence that my last post was about fire insurance markers.
High Road, Tottenham: the old 1930s London Cooperative Society Building (top left) was completely gutted by fire on Saturday night. I am, so far, unsure whether Criterion Parade (with eagle) and Windsor Parade, 1907 (top right), have suffered in the same way.


  1. i don't know whats up with the people first it was Norway and now in London. Hope we will see some peace in this world.

  2. It all seemed to come out of nowhere and was so devestating. It makes me sick to think of all the long term damage done to people's lives for no reason.

  3. was there a shoe menders shop maybe cole bros in Criterion parade ?

    researching family tree


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