15 August 2011

Are you hot or cool?

This isn't about the UK's changing weather. Although it's true that this 'summer' has so far been very changeable; we have had rain, wind, hot, cold, humidity, damp... etc.
No, this post is about a question I have been asking friends:
Would you rather be described as 'hot' or 'cool'?
Top: Stoke Newington, Stroud Green, Hampstead, Bloomsbury
Bottom: Southwark, Battersea, Smithfield, Barnsbury


Malcolm Edwards said...

Hot......obviously! Although I think that luke warm is closer to the mark :-)

CarolineLD said...

I don't think I could manage either! Although I just did a very good 'hot and flustered' after running for the bus, but I don't think that's quite what you mean...

Melly Lifshitz said...

I'm so cool people think I'm hot. Yes and seriously. (:

Tom @ Tired of London said...

I'm obviously not into these sorts of terms, and don't like to define in either way.

Actually, that's bollocks. I'm cool and hot.

Jane said...

Ah, re the first part of your comment.... that's because you are too cool to care

Juliet said...

I love london, so your blog is perfect for me!!
Nice to meet you!

vintagerockchick said...

Oh cool definitely. Coolness lasts - hotness is merely transitory.
Said from the heart of an old bird xx