25 September 2010

Theatre darling, theatre

I have been to the theatre two nights running this week! Blimey darling!
On Thursday I saw Yes Minister at the Gielgud Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. Lots of words and clever political stuff. Loved it. Consider this a short and sweet favourable review.
And last night I saw the last performance of a brilliant production of Pygmalion by the Tour De Force Theatre Company in a converted industrial unit in Hackney. The cast of five was excellent.
On the bus home I thought up this collection of theatre-related images, which I think may be my best cryptic collection yet. I hope you get all the references...

Top row: Marylebone Passage, Millbank, Victoria Apollo, Chapel Market
Middle row: Old Marylebone Road, Acton, Clapton, Temple
Bottom row: Shepherd's Bush, Kings Cross, Highbury, Hoxton

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