2 September 2010

Eels at Brixton Academy

Last night. Mark 'E' Everett resplendent in white, sporting a headscarf, sunglassses and a HUGE beard which reminded me of the those Mexican circus artists.
It was a good gig. Not as good as when I saw Eels as a trio dressed as if ready for Scrapheap Challenge at the much missed Astoria (boo hoo... here I go again), or a pared down gig he did at the Albert Hall, but good enough. He/they performed mostly stuff from the most recent albums including this and this. I would have liked to have seen them do a few oldies like this and this too, but having just checked my iTunes and seen I have 194 Eels tracks in there I suppose you can't please all the people all the time.
Brixton is awash with lovely architectural details and signs – everything below is within 5 mins walk of the gig.


  1. Thank you. I have lived ikn Brixton for twenty years and love architecture and detail. Your photos (particularly the Prince of Wales feathers, which I'd never seen up close) are excellent. You have a keen eye.


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