2 August 2010

There's an a-MAZE-ing thing in Trafalgar Square

Ooh, I love puzzles. So too, do I like mazes; Black Gang Chine, Longleat, Hampton Court – been there, done them. But I don't think I am gonna be able to get to this one in Trafalgar Square as it's only gonna be there until Friday 6th August. Check here for more details.
As ever, any event is always a catalyst for me to put together a collection of 'relevant' photos... Nelson doesn't look very comfy does he?!
Above (except for the obvious shots):
Top row: The crowds making a big noise with vuvuzelas on the first day of The Football World Cup earlier this year
Middle row: Three different travel-related motifs along Cockspur Street.
Bottom row: The Queen's coronation procession, 15 May 1937, and Eat London – London created in food, 2007.

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