18 August 2010

Filthy London

This post is sparked off by an ad on TV that really niggles me; it's for a hand cleaner that comes in a soap dispenser that has a sensor so that you need "never touch a germy soap pump again".
OK... so let's think about this... if you were to directly touch the dispenser, or the bottle, or whatever, then surely this product of theirs will eradicate the 'germs' when you wash your hands!? But how are you going to turn the tap on/off after you have applied the soap?
Actually, how did you get in the kitchen/bathroom in the first place... did you open a door? With your filthy fingers? Oh ugh!
This is all getting so ridiculous.
I recently heard one mother telling her son not to hold the moving handrail on the escalator because lots of people touch it. I don't know what she would do if the thing stopped and the poor kid fell over and hurt himself. Do you think she let him hold on when he got on the tube train? Dunno. But she probably let him wipe his dirty shoes on the seats.
And I heard another woman tell her children, who were sitting in the front seat on the top deck of a bus, not to hold onto the rail in front of them for similar reasons. Yet, when getting off, she told them to hold on tight when going down the stairs.

Top row: Angel tube station, Lavender Soap in Acton, dirty beasts in Fleet Street, Pears' Soap in Highgate Village.
Middle row: Sanitary Brixton, Holloway litter, dusty windows in EC4, manicule near Lea Bridge.
Bottom row: litter in Camden, Sunlight Soap in Highbury, door knocker in Spitalfields, dusty tiles in Old Street.


  1. I just found your site.....LOVED IT!!!
    Is great when you really stop to think about what you do and how stupid it is at the end and doesn't make any sense.

  2. Exactly! The more you think about all this the more convoluted it becomes. You'd end up never leaving your house but, unless you were completely self sufficient, you'd have to get stuff delivered and then you'd have to make sure not to let the delivery man breathe on you and you'd have to wash the things you'd bought.... stop stop stop!

  3. Don't forget we do need to let some germs in to allow our immune system to udgrade

  4. Oh I totally agree... that's really what the underlying message is here... 'we' have gone anti-bacterial mad re soaps and sprays and wipes yet I notice more and more people are spitting in the street...yuck!

  5. Oh yes, the ultimate paradox. The only thing to do is live inside a bottle of anti bacterial gel. Do you think we can get Boots to make one big enough?

  6. I saw the same add and thought the same thing

    Laura, HappyHomemakerUK.blogspot.com


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