31 January 2009

Ugly Beautiful

I can't believe I haven't put photos like these on here already; I started this all this photo-archiving stuff in the first place because I wanted to put together a booklet of images of the Holloway Road for my friends to prove to them that there was more to the area than an A road and some shops and pubs (I never did get around to doing that... I got distracted, as you can tell). So, on a gloriously beautiful February morning in 2007 I set out to take photos of all the things I knew were there, such as the ghost signs, the Odeon, Islington Central Library, old pub names and other bits of architectural interest. But in the process I noticed that many buildings I'd chosen to ignore before, that, on a dull day, look like they ought to be consigned to the wrecking ball, can look great when viewed from the right angle when the sun comes out.
Here's a selection taken all over London, more of which can be found on Flickr.


  1. Very nice montage but I could not see the most important new building along Holloway Road:
    Daniel Liberkind's London Metropolitan University Graduate Centre, just south of Hornsey Road
    But I do like your London blog recommended by http://thecabbiescapital.co.uk

  2. Great photos Jane - I love the pink and orange building against the blue sky - where is it?

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  4. I do have pics of the Libeskind building, Richard, but I decided to leave it out of this set as I think i've already included it in a Holloway set:

    And Gill, that's the Fashion and textile museum in Bermondsey:


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