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19 January 2009

Polythene growth

Most plastic is grown outside of London these days but occasionally you can spot a parasitic polythene variety blossoming on a tree in a built-up area.
The main and bottom left hand images here clearly show healthy buds forming in the Holloway area.
Harvesting season begins in spring when young birds peck at the buds causing them to burst open. A particularly fruitful tree in Brick Lane is shown bottom right.
Top right shows a delightful picture of a rare polythene tree monkey. These animals usually live in dark vertical tunnels or cuddle together in large groups on wasteland. Often, when they are hungry or as in this case, extremely empty, they are known to climb up into the trees in search of food. Sometimes, weak and shivery, they may get stuck in the tree for months having become too scared to let go. Sometimes they wither and die as shown by the distressing picture middle right.


  1. The bags in the trees are nowhere near as good as your pics of old signs around London.
    I lived there 21 years and NEVER thought of such pics! I hope you make a book out of them! You are onto a winner there.

  2. Yeah, thanks, I know, but every now and then I get a silly idea and need to share it..!


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